VIP Rewards

Join our amazing point system today.


Earn 5 Points for ever $1 spent in store on all services, but that’s not all. Choose one of our weekly specials and your points can multiply by up to 5 x the original amount.

Point Value Chart

2500 points = $10 gift Card

4800 Points = $20 Gift Card

9000 Points = $40 Gift Card


Here is an example.

Bill comes in and get’s 1 men’s cut for $17. The points will be converted as followed $17 x 10 points = 170 points.  Now bill want’s his points to add up as fast as possible so this week he purchased the Mint Me Up Shampoo by OC. The shampoo and conditioner pack has Extra 40 bonus points when purchased with a service.


Bill now has 210 points in a single visit.  In as little as 11 hair cut’s bill is able to redeem. This is just an example of one customer using the card. Imagine how fast it could add up if you come as a family.  Now that’s worth it.


Exclusion: To Enroll for a VIP Rewards card you agree to stay connected with us via email. This point system is directly linked to your email enrollment. If you choose to no longer enroll your points will be lost and the card will be deactivated. This system is now fully automated so we are unable to make changes once your email is removed from our mailing list.